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What does independent speech and language therapy involve?


Please contact me further information.

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First contact

You do not need a referral in order to see me so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any speech and language questions (no charge). You can use a text, whatsapp, email or phone call. I am happy to answer any questions and concerns you might have. If we agree that you or your child might benefit from therapy, we can make an appointment for a full assessment. 



Before any therapy can commence, I will need to do a full assessment. Please contact me for costs.

An assessment consists of

  • taking a history
  • full evaluation of relevant speech and language ability, using formal and informal assessments.
  • interpreting the results
  • 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on the age of the client and the problem being described in the enquiry.



Each assessment is followed by a short report to explain the findings of the assessment, as well as recommendations for therapy. It will also state the goals of therapy. I will provide you with an electronic copy and you distribute it to the relevant professionals as you please.



A therapy session is usually half an hour to an hour. Therapy can be at the client’s home, at their school l, at my home or at the Llandaff Clinic (www.cardiffchiropractor.com). No two persons or their needs are the same, therapy is planned per individual, and tailored to the individual’s needs. I do not do “blocks” of therapy. We work out a plan that will be the right plan for your child and your budget.



Like any new habit or skill, the success of therapy is dependent on the amount of time and effort put into reinforcing it. A homework program with some exercises will be given after each session to put into practice what have been learned in the session. It should not take much of your time.



The client’s progress will continually be monitored and the therapy adapted accordingly.



Once the stated goals of therapy haven been achieved, therapy can be stopped. However, the client is never under any obligation, and therapy can be stopped at any time.